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Servolab – Working in Lab Management for More Than 25 Years

Servolab Medizin Software GmbH was founded more than 25 years ago, is based in Berlin and has a subsidiary located in Potsdam.

Our strength is the development of perfected lab systems, good support goes without saying.

To us, customer-oriented software development is more than just a catchphrase. Our developers maintain close contact to the lab employees and were often on location themselves with the PC. For us, a personal relationship with Servolab users is just as important as a user-friendly program. This enables us to continually evolve our software according to the needs within the lab and allows us to precisely implement customer-specific adaptations on short notice.

In addition, years’ worth of experience made by our international cooperation partners while installing and maintaining Servolab in diverse laboratories are continually incorporated into the software development.

Since beginning of 2011 Servolab belongs to the health cluster of Upper Austria.

We develop our software agil. Since 2011 we use the scrum tool Agilo.

We are only satisfied with our program if our clients are!



  • Dr. Franz Otte
  • Frank Ritschel


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